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Friday, July 31, 2009

Solution : Problems running dot: exit code=-1, command='dot' + Doxygen

As I used Doxygen to generate source code docuemt, I failed to generate graphs and got this kind of error message: Problems running dot: exit code=-1, command='dot', arguments='"" -Tpng -o "classcom_1_1htc_1_1hr_1_1tree_1_1_department_table_bean_50f82c9386b01669779a1524b380b355_cgraph.png"'

Solution to this issue is to restart the eclipse after installing the "graphviz-x.msi".

Basically the path linking is the poblem.

To test that the installtion of the package is successful run the
dot --v
command at the command prompt. if you see nay text that means the installation is successful. To let the eclipse the path up for running the dot you need to restart the eclipse for the first time after installation.

- Mihir Patel.

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