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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ubuntu tip: Turning off tooltips

When you hover over anything in Ubuntu Yellow boxes pop-up (Tooltips) and give you information. Personally it bugs me really badly. If you are like me; turning them off is really simple.

Note: the quotation marks are not part of the names.

First right click on the "Applications" button in the top panel, then click "Edit Menus". e.g:

When the menu editor opens click "System Tools". In the right column you will see: "Configuration Editor" Tick the box next to it, and close the menu editor. e.g:

Now click on "Applications" then "System Tools" then "Configuration Editor". Once the configuration editor opens click the arrow next to "apps", then click the arrow next to "panel". This expands the menus. e.g:

Now select the "global" folder. and in the right column untick the box next to "tooltips_enabled". e.g:

There you have it. Annoying yellow boxes gone :)

Solution: Disable tooltip in Kubuntu 11.10

Are you annoyed of tooltip. you can disable it following the given simple steps

  1. Right-clicking on an empty area of the task bar
  2. Select "Task Manager Settings"
  3. Disabling “show tooltips” 
  4. Select OK

That's it !! now  it won't show any more. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Download Entire Album photos from Google Plus

Download Entire Album from Google Plus

By now many of you will know about Google+ : the latest social networking site by Google. Features such as Circles, Hangout, Sparks has made it stand apart. Moreover, Google+ makes it incredibly easy to upload, share and browse images. Sadly, till now Google+ doesn’t offer an option to download an entire album. That’s where original "Picasa Web Albums" comes in.

Here's the trick :

1.  Make sure that you have Picasa installed in your computer

2. Go to the profile page of the person who has uploaded the album

3. Now copy the series of digits from addressbar [see screenshot below]

4. Clear the addressbar or open a new tab/window and type :

5. Paste the series of digits you copied at the end of the address. Hit enter.

6. Enter your Google+ username and password (if prompted).

6. This will open up the "Picasa Web Album" of that person. Locate the album you wish to download.

7. Click on the album and it will open up. Click on the "Download" button and select "Download to Picasa".

8. Firefox : In case a "Launch Application" window pops in, select "Picasa"
    Chrome : In the "External Protocol Request" window, click "Launch Application"

9. Click "Download"

Thats it! Now enjoy the album from your local hard drive :)