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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to DETACH storage from a VM using VboxManage?

try attaching disk manually to a vm using settings.


Maybe this part will do the trick? Who knows, none or emptydisk sounds reasonable, don't you think


remove the *.mf file from the directory and redo the same step you are doing.

Please post your solution. If this did not work for you !

Converting vmdk file to vmx

(you need to install ovftool provided by VMWare)

If you have ovf file for the vmdk file then use the follwing command and it will generate vmx

ovftool old.ovf new.vmx

It will show the progress as following

Opening OVF source: old.ovf

Warning: File is not referred in the manifest: old.ovf

Opening VMX target: new.vmx

Writing VMX file: new.vmx

Disk progress: 94%

Solution : "The trash has reached its maximum size! Cleanup the trash "


move the trash directory some where or manually empty it


mv /home/"userName"/.local/share/Trash ~/



rm -rf /home/"userName"/.local/share/Trash

single click rooting android device

Follow the instructions on xda form. this worked for me.

- Mihir Patel

Monday, June 27, 2011

solved: problem of running .net apps from a mapped network drive

Follow under given procedure, and for the URL put your network share:

If you don't have the .net configuration 2.0 tool on your machine, grab the cut down installer from here:

-Adam Radics

Friday, June 24, 2011

Linux + printing page spits out blank pages

Instead of using local Linux utility use cups web admin.


1. open localhost:631  in your browser (if you are unable to access this )
           1.1 check if you have proxy (in your browser setup for by passing localhost)
           1.2 if that is not the case do you have cups installed and running (check it using ps -fel |grep cups))
2. goto administration.
3. select show printer shared by other system (if the printer is on network)
4. then select add a printer from admin page (use all default settings).
5. Print a test page if you like.

Solution: virtual machine + keyboard gets stuck on hosts

use setxkbmap command in your Linux host.

this will reset the keyboard mapping.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Solution: kaffeine cannot find demux plugin for x

Kaffeine is missing a libxine1-all-plugins

install it using following command.

sudo apt-get install libxine1-all-plugins

- Mihir Patel