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Friday, July 31, 2009

Solution : Error: Could not extract bounding box from .eps!

remove the latex file generation from doxygen. or else include the following packages
texlive texlive-pdf texlive-latex-extra
or install  (if on windows)

It is possible to use latex to produce formulas.  There are already some examples of this in the CalRecon code.  When using doxygen to produce documentation where latex commands are included, latex must be available on the system.  This is typically the norm on UNIX machines, however, on Windows this is a different matter.  There is a freely available version of latex available for Windows, MiKTeX:
The Doxygen manual states the following:

Make sure the tools are available from a dos box, by adding the directory they are in to the search path.  For your information, the LaTeX is freely available set of so called macros and styles on the top of the famous TeX program (by famous Donald Knuth) and the accompanied utilities (all available for free). It is used for high quality typesetting. The result – in the form of so called DVI (DeVice Independent) file – can be printed or displayed on various devices preserving exactly the same look up to the capability of the device. The dvips allows you to convert the dvi to the high quality PostScript (i.e. PostScript that can be processed by utilities like psnup, psbook, psselect, and others). The derived version of TeX (the pdfTeX) can be used to produce PDF output instead of DVI, or the PDF can be produced from PostScript using the utility ps2pdf.

If you want to use MikTeX then you need to download the fancyhdr package separately. You can find it at:

- Mihir Patel

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