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Thursday, July 30, 2009

how to test the newly created sata driver integreated cd with WinXp ?

1. Install the Virtualbox (
2. Create new  virtual machine with Os type as MS Windows .. Version WinXP
3. Leave default setting for ram
4. boot hard disk ( primary master ) .. create a new hard disk
5. all default settings.. click next.
6. click on the virtual machine and select settings
7. go to hard drive and ( select "Enable the Additional Controller")
8. click on the "IDE Primary Master"  and select the "Sata Prot x" from the drag list
9. select CD/DVD ROM and point it to your newly created iso/ CD
10. click ok
11. start your virtual machine.

(NOTE : if you select your default disk in step 9 it will show you that no sata drivers can be detected. when you put the iso with integrated drivers. it should just work.)

- Mihir Patel

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