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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Use WinMerge for compare / merge in StarTeam

We use StarTeam for source control at my work. I'm not a huge StarTeam fan, and I think the compare / merge portion is pretty much unusable. Fortunately, you can pick your own alternative merge and compare utilities. I like WinMerge . Here's how to set it up:

1. Tools / Options / File tab.
2. Check "Merge utility" and "Comparison utility" checkboxes.
3. Browse to WinMergeU.exe
4. Enter the following for merge utility options: /dl "StarTeam Version" /dr "Your Changes" $branchtip $usertip $resultfile
5. Enter the following for comparison utility options: /dl "StarTeam or Older Version" /dr "Your Changes or Newer Version" $file1 $file2

WinMerge command line info:
Araxis Merge integration info for various source control systems:

John Galloay :

- Mihir Patel

1 comment:

Perry said...

Thanks for this info! I used the same idea to set gVim as my editor as well.