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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Solved : Gyache --> An error occured at 'ioctl VIDIOCSPICT.'

Gyache offers one of the best webcam integration. although, It's older version did not supported v4l and v4l2 type webcame integration (layman term :newer webcam , integrated in the lattest laptops)

Solution :

I have tested version 1.1.59, which supports both v4l and v4l2.

Download it from :

Problem : the program is not maintained by a single authority...

-- Mihir Patel


Mihir said...

The latest release is 1.1.63

This was tested on Ubuntu 8.10, v4l/ v4l2.

-Mihir Patel

Mihir said...

The pre-compiled packages can be found at