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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Solution : System testing --> run crashed with DBusException in call_blocking()

re-install checkbox

- Mihir Patel

(Ubuntu 9.04 - testing)

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Mihir said...

Some other solutions from the bug report and solution page

8.10 to 9.04 alpha 6 update.

running "System testing" (checkbox-gtk) as regular user gives the same error.
but running as "root" works fine.

so for now I just changed the menu from "/usr/bin/checkbox-gtk" to "gksu /usr/bin/checkbox-gtk" and it works fine.


sudo nano /etc/checkbox.d/checkbox.ini

And add
blacklist = backend_manager

to [checkbox/plugins] section worked for me.


problem solved with:


blacklist = backend_manager


@ludefork: You might have 0.7.1 installed, but your checkbox.ini is wrong (which is strange because 0.7.1 should replace that file). Can you replace the contents of /etc/checkbox.d/checkbox.ini with the following and re-test?

version = 0.7
plugins = checkbox/plugins
registries = checkbox/registries

blacklist = backend_manager
modules = %(checkbox_share)s/plugins/*.py

modules = %(checkbox_share)s/registries/*.py