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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Live NSE and BSE Stocks rolling on your Desktop screen

Download BSE Market WAtch

Download NSE Ticker

Bombay Stock Exchange

Get BSE and NSE live on your desktop by just few clicks.Through various means and medium, BSE always keeps you updated with market information. Market Watch is  new initiative, to provide you key information right on your desktop and medium to suit your desk.Market Watch is a desktop tool that keeps you to connect to the market and get latest updates live.
                                    Market Watch gadget keeps you updated with latest SENSEX and market trends on a minute-to-minute basis.Market Watch can also takes you directly to live reports on Watch can also float anywhere on your desktop making it comfortable to use while working.


National Stock Exchange-

You can get NSE Live very easily just download NSE Ticker and NSE Share Price will scroll on down side of your desktop, Just like this. By clicking any share price you will get full detail of particular share.Nifty Live keeps you updated with the latest market trends and share prices along with loss and gain  

- Mihir Patel

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