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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Visual C++/Studio: Incorrect Application Configuration ?

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The author has indicated the copyright violation, thus content has been removed and just the link has been kept.

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Thomas ten Cate said...


Although I don't mind being cited, linked to, or quoted, I think reposting my entire article and claiming it as your own goes a little too far. Please replace this article by a link to my original. Go ahead and quote a few paragraphs if you like, but not the entire article.

Cecille said...

Well said. Now if only Microsoft would listen.

It gets worse though. Say you wish to create a library and you don't want to distribute the DLL install pack with it, so you link statically. If someone then compiles against your library using a different runtime library (say like...the default) then BAD things happen. If you pass any object (memory, a file pointer etc) across those boundaries, you get a seg fault with an equally vague error message. This, to me, seems like a crazy restriction. Microsoft knows all about this (see, but doesn't seem to have any plans to fix it. Even a compile warning would be good - if dependency walker can figure out what runtime you're using, why can't the MS compiler?

Anonymous said...

Hey, stealing other people's content is not cool

Mihir said...

Hi Thomas,

Sometimes references gets deleted and the information gets lost, thus i have kept the full article here. if you like i can put everything in quote.

else just buzz me and i would remove the whole thing and just leave a link there.