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Friday, June 12, 2009

Printing the skype calling history (Missed calls \ Dialed Calls \ Received calls with duration ) + Skype Call Exporter download

Download the program from any of  the under given link





1. Run skype and login

2. Unzip the file anywhere. and execute the SkypeCallExporter.exe

3. wait for a while and it will ask you that SkypeCallExporter wants to talk to Skype

4. allow this and you will see in a while the whole page filled with history.

now you can print it in csv (comma seperated variable ) file -- this can be opened with excel like program.

or can directly print a html out of it.

Hope this helps... Leave your feedback !!

- Mihir Patel


Mihir said...

If you are using Windows, you can try the attached utility. Just unzip it and launch it, no installation is required. Some guidelines:

* Before launching the program, Skype must be running, and you must be logged in (the program uses Skype's API to request the call info from the Skype).
* When you launch the utility for the first time, Skype will pop up a warning message, and you must authorize the utility to connect to Skype.
* As soon as the utility is running, it will automatically retrieve all call information (SkypeOut and Skype-to-Skype) from Skype. This can take a while, especially if you have a long call list. During this time, it can look as if the program is doing nothing, and rubbish will be displayed in the table in the utility's window. Please be patient and give it enough time to complete, and meaningful information should appear in the table. It can take minutes, if you have made many Skype calls.
* After the utility has collected all call records, it will display them in a table that can be exported to a CSV file, or printed directly from the program. By the way: the call cost for SkypeOut calls does not include the connection fee, as the API does not (yet) have commands to retrieve it. Also, the call cost is calculated by simply multiplying the duration by the price per minute, so if you have a special SkypeOut plan, this calculated cost might not be correct, but I cannot test this.

I guarantee that there is no virus, adware or other malware in the program. You can download and use it for free, but I do not have the time to provide user support.

EDIT 22 June 2008: I get a lot of messages recently that the download link does not work any more. I found that the link works if you are logged in. So please, log in before trying to download the attachment.

I also replaced the attachment by a new version. The procedure in my program that verifies whether Skype is running can, in some cases, cause an error "xxxx is not a valid integer". With the new version, you can add the command line parameter /F if you get this error. If you launch the program with the command "SkypeCallExporter.exe /F", no check for a running copy of Skype will be done, so you have to make sure yourself that Skype is running.

EDIT 12 September 2008: New version, now prints user's name in the title of the report.


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Anonymous said...

I am just curious

If you're in a middle of a call, does this work?

Mihir said...

Haven't tried it. Let me know the outcome if you try.

Avi said...

Hi, have you got this program for Mac as this file is exe.

Avi said...

Hi, have you got this program for Mac as this file is exe.

Mihir said...

no... it's windows only

simplecall said...

I want to use pin less calling with registered numbers but i also want to control my bill by viewing and tracking call history online from all registered numbers .

Alex Gold said...

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