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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Google Chrome (BETA)

One more new browser in the series of internet browser!!  was this really required? My feeling is not really... but it seems like google has done a nice job…


 + Features browed from all the latest browsers

+ Start up time is very low

+ Each tab is handled as a task, so... one can detach / attach tabs from the present window.

+ Incognito window available (so, no traces will be left on the system, good for money transaction etc)

+live search available (as you type)

+search on old link or opened pages is possible.


 - Only Available for windows at this point

- No add-ons available like Firefox. (Importing Firefox add-on is not possible at this point)

- Unable to handle some java scripts in the encrypted pages (hopefully it will be fixed as this is beta phase)


- Mihir


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