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Friday, March 14, 2008

Solution : Error opening map file *.map for inclusion in the docs! +doxygen +eclipse

This problem is due to Short Names tag

set the Short Names tag to YES and things will be fine.

- Mihir Patel


1. Open the Doxygen file
2. Search for the SHORT_NAMES (ex. you would find SHORT_NAMES = NO)
3. change the NO to YES
4. Save the File and run the doxygen again.

if you are using the GUI window then you need to reload the Doxygen file. by file > Open and open the doxygen file with the updated settings.


Anonymous said...

god bless you!! you saved me!!

Anonymous said...

That made it work for me!

Vinz said...

Thank's you! You have solved my problem.

Why don't you report the "bug" and your solution to eclox developes?

Mihir said...

I don;t think this is a bug. although changing the default parameter can solve this.

I will try to report it.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Aaron said...

thanks, worked

Nikhil Manohar. said...

Thanks Man!
That saved my time!!
Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot a man,
I start believing in Doxygen.

Anonymous said...

I love you very much good Sir. This information is very valuable to me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.
After changing this option it started working for me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!
After changing this options it started working for me.

Thorsten said...

you saved me as well. I did a
grep -i "short" Doxyfile
and found

after replacing it, doxygen finally worked.

tom said...

where can I find the "Short Names" tag so I can change it? I'm looking in the "Expert" tab of Doxywizard the doxygen GUI. mnay thanks,

Anonymous said...

Under Expert->"Project" tab, there's a check box called "SHORT_NAMES". This box, disabled by default, should be *checked*.

Anonymous said...

Tjohoooo! It workes!

Anonymous said...

Works perfectly now! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

For me it worked only after I have set:


Hope this helps someone...

Mihir said...

You can add comments to this bug at:

doxygen | general | Ver: 1.5.5

Gingko changed:

What |Removed |Added
CC| |from_bugzilla@nospam.homelin
| |

------- Comment #3 from Gingko 2008-11-28 09:22 UTC -------

I had this bug several times on several computers without ever understanding
why. On many places on Internet I saw users reporting having "fixed" it using
the SHORT_NAMES option (try this search: ), but
this didn't make sense to me.

But I finally ran in a strange situation which probably makes me finding the
real reason of this problem :
I have two folders which contain two side by side forks of the same project.
Each of them have their own configuration files, but these configuration files
are absolutely identical. There was no apparent reason for that but ... when
generating their respective Doxygen documentation, one of these projects had
the bug and the second one not !

Thinking a lot, I tried several things, and I ended with the following :
cleaning all Doxygen generated files (in the "html" folder) in the faulty
project was enough for removing the bug (that is, after doing that, the new
generation ran with no error).

I think now that the problem is the following :

It looks like that Doxygen has an incremental feature (that is, if you generate
the same documentation several times, only changed files will be reprocessed,
thus improving speed). But that way, if the previous generation was faulty,
several things will not get fixed. Especially if "map" files were missing
because there was an error in the previous generation. And the main reason for
having "map" files missing is trying to generate graphics without having
"graphViz" installed.

So probably many users proceed on the following way when using "Doxygen" for
the first time :

(1) They download and install Doxygen.
(2) They try to use it for documenting some of their own projects.
(3) At a given time, they try to enable the "dot" (graphViz) for generating the
(4) They get a lot of errors because graphViz was not installed. Of course it
wasn't, it is not included with Doxyfile! But they didn't read that yet so they
return to the manual and they see that they now need to download and install
graphViz (alternatively, maybe they have installed it, but not correctly).
(5) After having fixed the graphViz installation problem, they run Doxygen
again on the same project.
(6) Things seem to work a little better, but now they have plenty of these
"Error opening map file *.map for inclusion in the docs!". The reason is that
the previous generation left a corrupted documentation in the folder, but they
don't know it.
(7) They search on Internet the reason of this error and they find that many
people have fixed it by setting the SHORT_NAMES option to YES.
(8) They try this, and it works. They are happy.

But what they don't know is that if the SHORT_NAMES trick works, it is not
because this option was the reason of the bug, but rather that it completely
changes almost all the names inside the folder, so the previous generation is
not seen: a completely new set of files is generated (actually leaving the
previous files orphan in the folder, which could be seen as another bug as they
uselessly take space; but this is another problem).

If they had begun their first try by setting the SHORT_NAMES option to YES,
they would have now to set it to NO for getting the same result.

So the correct workaround is cleaning the previous generation rather than
changing the "SHORT_NAMES" option if you see this "Error opening map file *.map
for inclusion in the docs!" message.

... and the bug fix could be trying to regenerate the picture if some "map"
file is found missing during an incremental regeneration rather than issuing an
error and ignoring this part of the project.


Peter K. said...

Yet again, THANKS!

Magicki said...

Awesome, thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Very awesome. Only comment is that you can be fully helpful or snippy helpful. Fully helpful is set SHORT_NAME to true AND where to set it...

Mailman said...


Miroslav Beranič ml. said...

Thanks! Saved my day ... :)

Thanigai Vaasan said...

Great fix!!! Who would have known... ;)

Mihir said...

Seems like the Doxygen guys are having a look and they might have fixed it.

Hopefully that will save every once time.

- Mihir Patel.

Leo Cofré said...

Perfect guy! It works =D

Anonymous said...

Just throwing my "thank you!" in with the rest of 'em. Great post :)

Bill said...

thank you! thank you! i love the internet when it comes time to solve problems like this!

Anonymous said...

Your post allows me to end my Friday on a good note. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

i had the same problem and none of the above worked, but it was solved after i typed "dot -c" in the windows command line.

kornerr said...

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!!

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Anonymous said...

Good!! But the real problem is different. changing the tag will just name the file differently. So next time you ran that you found its working. You could delete the entire doc folder as the error message said. It would have solved the problem.

After doing the above also; if you are facing the problem, then try setting the path (environment variable). Once you are done . IT will work. At least worked for me ;).

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