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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Using external interrupts on an Atmel AVR microprocessor

The article is removed from here due to various comments and authenticity of the material.

A copy of this document can be found at 

NOTE : - This document was last found on the avrfreaks website. This got deleted from there for some reason. I have had updated this document for better understanding. In case if you have any update [correction] on this please leave the feedback.


Bluelip said...

Somebody is copying:

Cuvette said...

You may indicate your sources when plagiarizing so pathetically... (see Bluelip link)

That blog shows you're acting with good intentions. So what are you looking for playing that game ?
Gathering good information is often more valuable than trying to reinvent the wheel ! There lies honesty, and humility.

Anyway, good work, thank you much!